At Chrysalisforge, we believe that it's crtitically important that software companies implement a robust product management strategy.

Over the last few decades, the team has successfully applied our principles to the development of numerous software products. These have ranged from introducing ground-changing innovations in the areas of visualization to managing large-scale Product Lifecycle Management systems that thousands of companies and millions of users rely on to manage their engineering and manufacturing processes.

We want to help you get the best from your software development resources and ensure that your product managers are operating as effectively as possible with the obvious goals of improving your products, market share and profitability.


So how do we do this?

A typical client engagement would proceed as follows:

1. An initial discussion on what you're looking for - at no charge.

2. A one-day Clinic. This is a broad-brush and structured discussion followed up with a written report. The report highlights weaknesses in current operations and suggests areas for further engagement.

3. Further engagement is focussed around a set of modular and integrated services tailored to your needs.