Recent advances in 3D graphics on desktops and mobile devices has resulted in large numbers of start-ups and established companies looking to establish their ‘neat’ technology in the industrial enterprise space.

This is true for industrial 3D visualisation tools but is especially relevant to the recent wave in companies developing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools.

The journey from creating a ‘cool demonstrator’ to establishing your technology as a robust player to enterprise buyers is a complex one.

Chrysalisforge can help!

Specifically, we can help you with most aspects of making your products successful in the highly lucrative enterprise space.

However, the expectations of a typical enterprise are often difficult to navigate, predict and execute against.

The team at Chrysalisforge has successfully made this journey many times. We’ve worked with many of the world’s largest industrial enterprises in the aerospace, defence, automotive, shipbuilding, agricultural, medical and industrial equipment sectors. We’ve successfully created and delivered products which meet the exacting goals of thousands of customers and millions of users.

We can help you with:

-          Understanding enterprise systems

-          Integrating your technology to the enterprise

-          Developing your value proposition and selling this to the enterprise buyer

-          Ensuring the right visual experience is delivered to the right user with the right version of the data at the right time

-          Navigating the ever-expanding landscape of 3D file formats

-          Delivering solutions that address security and Intellectual Property concerns

-          Data optimisation benefits and trade-offs

-          Pricing and packaging your products for success within the enterprise

-          Talking the ‘language’ of the enterprise champion or buyer

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